Ariel + Tyler Expecting Twins {New Hampshire Maternity Photography}

ariel_tyler 2After I photograph a session, I often think.. wow that was my favorite session:) This happens every week, I am not kidding. Maternity sessions are exciting for me, being a mom, because I just want to tell my clients how amazing things are about to be and to get some rest.. because they may not sleep for a couple years..

I met Ariel and Tyler in a parking lot.. I drive through the parking lot everyday to pick up my daughter at school and thought it would be a gorgeous backdrop for a maternity session. So we took a few photos and then headed over to my favorite place, Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, NH. Mack’s is unique because it has so many different backdrops. It also has this amazing little hill.. that is not really hill, just a bump, but you can see the sunset from this “bump”. This spot allows me to get creative with light and not just rely on the natural light.

At a session I will often photograph one pose from different angles.. or with different light. For example, on this little bump at sunset. I will photograph my subjects with flash from the front (so they are lit and you can see the sunset). I will photography with flash from behind, to create a halo around them with light. I will also do it with no light and just use the amazing natural light.. to create a silhouette shot.

Our session lasted for about 1.5 hours. Our goal was to make sure we got the sunset as well as a variety of other photos. Ariel loves silhouette photos.. so I think we ddi well!  I am pretty sure I got some of the most amazing maternity photos to date. Ariel and Tyler are a beautiful couple and the sweetest. I can not wait to meet the twins and photograph them!

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  • Marie StevensJune 5, 2017 - 4:33 pm

    Oh my goodness caty!!!  These are so beautiful. I love the silhouette ones. But they are all beautiful. You are an amazing photographer. ReplyCancel