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Kaitlin & Dave – Engaged!

Location: Salisbury Beach

Date: September 20, 2009

Another fun couple! Kaitlin and Dave chose Salisbury Beach for their engagement shoot. I photographed them at sunset and so glad I did. The light was a bit harsh, but it made for some awesome pics. The fun part was going to the arcade after. I found out Dave is a bit obsessed, I think he dropped about 20 bucks in the token machine!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

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Kaitin & Rob – Engaged!

Location: Downtown Boston/North End

Date: September 20, 2009

Kaitlin and Rob are a super fun couple, that were actually referred over from another couple that I worked with! Kevin and Maria, I will be posting my favs from their June wedding soon.

Here are just a few of my favs from their shoot! I think I was laughing the whole time:

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Kathryn & Scott – Engaged!

Location: Boston, MA

Date: May 24, 2009

I am posting a bit out of order! Sorry about that, but I wanted to quickly post a fun session I did this past Sunday. I was fortunate enough to have two great assistants with me for Kat and Scott’s Engagement session, two of my friends Jennie and Surabhi. Surabhi had recently gone on a photo tour and found this amazing little street on Beacon Hill, so we made that our destination and set out for a fun couple hours of shooting!  We had an awesome time getting to know each other and taking pics of course! We tried to capture Kat and Scott as candidly as possible.

Here are a few of Kat’s favorites:


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Audrey & Ben Engaged!

Location: South End of Boston

Date: January 4th, 2009

Mountains of New Hampshire one day, the city of Boston the next!  Audrey and Ben decided they wanted to meet in an area that was important to them.  I told them to map out a route and we would be on our way! They surely did, we had an exceptional time. We shot indoors, outdoors, and in a run down building for some cool textures. We had such an awesome time, it was hard to part ways while it was still light out! I wanted to photograph some more! Awesome couple, totally looking forward to their wedding in June!

Here is an email I received from Audrey’s Mom after posting the pictures online, short, sweet and totally made my day:

Hi Catharine,
This is Audrey’s mom. I just wanted to let you know how much we love Audrey and Ben’s engagement photos. We’re looking forward to meeting and working with you at the wedding.
Audrey’s Mom
Here are my favorites from the day:

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Christine & Rob Engaged!

Location: Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, NH

Date: January 3, 2009

Christine and Rob are getting married at the Mount Washington Resort in July of this year. It will be a beautiful summer wedding. So with me being as smart as I am, i had the brilliant idea to do their engagement session where they will be getting married. The only difference, about 80 Degrees! I think we must have picked the coldest day of the year, don’t let the sun fool you! We did a fair amount of shots inside then decided to brave the elements.

Despite the weather, we managed to get some amazing shots!

Here are my favorites:

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Danielle & Eric Engaged!

Location: North End of Boston, MA

Date: December 4, 2008

Danielle and I went back and forth for a bit of time trying to find the perfect date for her engagement session. The first few tries, it either snowed, rained or was below zero. Finally, just 16 days before their wedding we found a date and we rocked the shoot!

I photographed Courtney and Patrick in the same area just a few weeks prior so I took them on the same route, got totally different results! I really LOVE engagement shoots, they are the perfect way to get to know my couples! I honestly had so much fun with Danielle and Eric. The best part, even with just 16 days, of which we were out of power for 5, I was able to design and get their guest book with images from their shoot.

There wedding was amazing! It was in a snow storm and I will post pics soon!

There were so many favorites, so many expressions that just made us laugh when we went back through the pictures for the guest book. So here are just a few of our favorites!

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Courtney & Patrick Engaged!

Location: North End of Boston, MA

Date: November 16, 2008

Courtney and Patrick decided to have their photos taken in the North End because they are so familiar with the area and that is where they got engaged.  So I arrived by myself (not super common) and got really nervous.. When I got to their door, I could not remember which apartment was theirs! So I rang the one I thought was correct.  Down comes Patrick!  Wait, is it Patrick.. who is this guy. He lets me up and I follow him to his apartment and asked if he had anything in mind for pictures. He was like.. what? What pictures? I said “you are Patrick, right? Random guy: ahh, no. He lives upstairs. WOOPS!!! I ran upstairs and knocked on the door, finally someone I recognised, Courtney answered. I was all out of breath freaking out that I could have just been kidnapped!  That was just a minor hick up in what turned out to be an AWESOME day.  We took some fun, creative and amazing pictures that day!!

Here are our favorites:

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Jennifer & Elie Engaged!

Date: November 16, 2008

Location: You guessed it! Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

Once I have shot somewhere I can’t help but want to shoot there again! It makes my job easier because I design an obstacle course for my couples to go on. I rate them, Simple, Moderate and Challenging and give my couples the choice! Challenging includes swinging from vines, and signing waivers. All kidding aside, I was able to shoot at the Minute Man National Park three times in the fall and I will bring more couples back any chance I get! It is gorgeous and has not yet let me down!

Jennifer and Elie are getting married in February so lets hope for some snow for some more gorgeous pictures!

Here are our favorites:

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Melissa & Bruce Engaged!

Date: November 9, 2008

Location: Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA (Old North Bridge)

For Melissa and Bruce’s engagement session I decided to bring a special assistant, my mom. She has always wondered what it was like to do a photo shoot and happened to be visiting for the weekend from the Cape. So she was the one who held my second flash, blocked light that shouldn’t be there and was quite an amazing historian. Her brother went to Middlesex, which is a prep school right up the street so she was pretty familiar with the area and knows a lot about history. We had a lot of fun getting to know Melissa and Bruce. They are a great couple and I am really looking forward to their wedding in March!

Here are a few of their favorites, as well as mine:

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Meg & Matt Engaged!

Date: November 3, 2009

Location: Harold Parker State Forest, North Andover, MA

Meg and Matt are much like Bryant and Myself, they love trying to take self portraits. Most of the pictures they have together they took. I love it! So they told me, the love close ups because that is what they are used to! So I kept that in mind but made sure to capture everything! Here are my favorites:

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