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This section is designed to answer every question you may have about what we have to offer and your investment, where photo shoots are done, the studio and wedding information. 


Wedding Packages begin at $2,295. Please click the link below for detailed package information. 

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Child & Family Portraiture

Every session lasts about 1 hour and takes place in Manchester, New Hampshire at my studio or outdoors in the Londonderry, New Hampshire area. You are welcome to outfit changes and we will move around a bit during the session to find the best light and back grounds! The session includes all your high resolution files with the rights to print and a private online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering professional prints. The investment is $395.

I have created a link to my studio to give you an idea of the space I work in. {click here the view the studio}

Do you have questions? I have the answers! Please check out the list of frequently asked questions that have come up over the years.

Questions about Caty as a Photographer: 

  • How long have you been a photographer? 
I have been full time since the birth of my son in 2008! I would not change it for a thing.
  • How did you become a photographer? 
I starting practicing in 2004 when I purchased my first dSLR camera. I finally enrolled in Photography school at Boston University – Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) in 2007, graduating in 2009.
  • What kind of cameras do you use? 
Canon! I have two MkIII’s and two MkII’s. I ALWAYS have back up on me! For weddings I bring three cameras, portraits I always bring two.
  • What Lenses do you use? 
Great question! I am obsessed with great glass and always make sure I have the best L series (Canon professional) lenses.
So I have the following: 15mm (fisheye),
Prime lenses (these babies don’t zoom, so I run a lot!)  24mm f/1.4L,  35mm f/1.4L,  50mm f/1.2L,  85mm f/1.2L, 100mm f/2.8 macro
Zoom (these lenses don’t require as much running back and forth:): 16-35mm 2.8L,  24-70mm f/2.8L, 70-200mm f/2.8 with Image stabilization.
What lenses do I use the most?
It depends on the session! Weddings require zooms and primes for portraits. Portrait sessions could be my 70-200, my 50 or my 85. Newborns are either 35, 50 or 24-70.

Children and Families:

Children and families are photographed through the year either in my studio in Manchester, New Hampshire or at an apple orchard in Londonderry, New Hampshire. If the season is right, we can photograph on the Merrimack River! It is absolutely gorgeous.

  • How long is a session? 

Sessions can last up to an hour. I say up to an hour because sometimes kids are just done:) I totally get it, an hour is a long time. Sometimes though, an hour is just long enough for them to warm up!

  • Do you travel? 

I do! I love the beach, the lakes and mountains and can photograph there, there is a slight travel fee to cover time and mileage of $.50 per mile.

  • Can we do the session at our house? 

You absolutely can! Just let me know where it is:)

  • Can we reschedule if the weather is not cooperating? 

There are three things I do not photograph in if I can help it.

1. Rain (it’s cute for about 2 photos)

2. Wind. If the winds are high it makes it difficult to maintain a polished look unless your hair is pinned back. It’s a portrait session and in my opinion can be perfect weather, so lets just reschedule.

3. Excessive heat. Summer can be really hot. Skin tones change to bright red and the sweat pours. So lets choose a date that is not so hot and humid. Your session will be much more enjoyable!

  • What do we wear? 

This is a great question. The quick version.. Match, but don’t be too matchy! It was cool to clone in 1990, but its the 2000’s now! Being unique is in and so worth it for photos.

My immediate thought again is to go to Pinterest and search what you have in mind, like “fall family photos,” “photo shoot outfit ideas.”

What I typically say is pick three colors and stick to them for your family. OR think about your family. Does one child have an outfit he/she won’t take off? Can you plan around that outfit or get him/her something similar and plan around it?

  • Can my dog come? 

Yes! I love dogs, I have even had a pig come to a shoot! Just bring treats and makes sure they run a fair amount before hand.

Any other questions?? Reach out to me! my email is


Catharine Morris Photography is an New Hampshire wedding photographer located in Manchester, NH. Caty creates quality timeless images of your wedding day, family portraits, newborn moments and all the days in between. Serving Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Bedford and surrounding communities.

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