Jenna + Nick {NH Engagement Photographer}

I met Jenna and Nick for the first time at their engagement session! Jenna booked me for her wedding right through email and a quick phone call, we never actually met in person.

Nearly every day Jenna and Nick both drove by a farm house in Windham, NH right up the street from where they live. So they asked if we could choose a date for their engagement photos and she would get permission to use the farm for their session. I am so glad she did, it was such a simple location, but yet so perfect. The weather was suppose to be rainy all afternoon, thankfully it was clear. You can never predict this stuff. So we met up at 7 pm.

An ideal engagement shoot would be at one location, last about an hour and have two outfits. That is exactly what Jenna and Nick brought. They kept it simple. Outfit ideas for engagement shoots are simple, what I typically say is one more formal then the other. Don’t let your outfit be the focus, allow it to be you. So neutral colors are great for one outfit and don’t be too matchy. For example, both in yellow t-shirts.. um nope. I might ask if you have something else, in the kindest way possible. Another option is to send me photos before your session so i can let you know if your outfits will work.

Back to Nick and Jenna, towards the end of their session, we took out their puppy Brady to hop in a few shots. Well lets just say he did some hopping. He was so thrilled to be out of the truck and pose for some photos. Well, posing might be taking it a little far, he was so excited to see his humans:) So not every photo is the perfect posed photo. Puppies are like babies, you just go with the flow. Whatever works right?

Finally. Final images. I usually tell my clients I will present about 30-60 final images, everything comes in color and black and white. I upload them to an online gallery for viewing and downloading the high resolution images. I will present at least one image from each “thing” we do during a session. But, when you have a bunch of different expressions, and have a bunch of fun, I usually present way more then that. That is what happened with Jenna and Nick. We had fun and it shows in the photos. There were so many final images, it was just easier to edit, then eliminate.

So here are a couple, maybe 30 or so, of my favorite images from this session. All taken within about an hour of time including the outfit change.



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  • Paula DobensAugust 19, 2017 - 2:54 am

    Beautiful couple! Love the final shot with Brady in the foreground!ReplyCancel