NH Seacoast Family Portraits {Hampton, NH}

NH Seacoast family portraits, have I told you yet how much I love the beach? I am a girl who grew up on Cape Cod. We used to camp out on the beach pretty much every night in the summer, in campers. Maybe that is why I love camping so much and the seacoast. I also love portrait sessions and it does not really matter where I do them, I just love being behind a camera. I can run around with or without shoes on and do what I love. I have a pretty neat story to tell about the Leduc family, how we really met.

Lets go way back. My parents moved to Litchfield, New Hampshire in about 2011. I never really thought they would leave Chatham, MA on Cape Cod where I grew up. To my surprise they did and they moved to a really nice neighborhood across town from me. We were growing out of our home, with three kids and really wanted to live in my parent’s neighborhood. Once a house came up for sale, we put an offer on it.  For a couple reasons, the house we wanted to purchase was not working out, so the day we realized our dreams were not going to play out, the house next door came for sale. I called my realtor, Jason Francoeur (he is amazing by the way) and told him we need to see the house next door. That afternoon, I drove by the house as I often did to go see my parents, and Cindy (the owner) was outside. I knew of her, as she has a second grader in Landon’s class. She flagged me down, she knew we were buy the house next door and asked how it was going. So I told her we were going to come look at her house at 5:30 that night and that we were going to buy it. We came to look at it and fell in love. This truly was our dream house and we put an offer in that night. They were more then willing to work with us and made sure everything was perfect. We even moved in a day before closing. Cindy and Greg moved across town, to a house that could accommodate their 4 children.

So that’s how we met. When you buy a house from someone and work with them you create a neat friendship.  I photographed them soon after closing on our house, as a thank you two years ago.  So this session at the beach was their second session with me. Of course, Landon and Bronson play sports together so we have gotten to know each other a bit better over the past two years. Cindy had wanted to do a session at the beach so we finally made it happen.  Thank goodness too, these are some of my favorite photos and it is not even my family! Landon was my trusty assistant, who again, spent most of his time finding crabs, barnacles and cool rocks. He did come through when I needed a lighting assistant. As we were leaving, Greg paid him $20 for his hard work. It truly made his week. It says so much about how amazing this family is.

Would you like your portraits done on the New Hampshire Seacoast? I would love to help you out. Please reach out to me through my website, www.cmorrisphotography.com.

Here are a couple of my favorite images from the session:

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