Portsmouth, NH Engagement Session {Amy + Cooper}

Portsmouth, NH, the perfect spot for Amy and Cooper’s engagement portraits!

I have been to Portsmouth quite a few times, but have never really had a chance to get out and walk around exploring. I met Amy and Cooper at Starbucks, right in Market Square. Landon accompanied me on this adventure, because I love using off camera lighting to make some of my photos more dramatic. Another reason I bring him, he makes people laugh. Yes, he is a 9 year old boy, but the stuff that comes out of his mouth is hysterical. My clients laughing in photos usually stems from Landon.

So back to Starbucks and downtown Portsmouth. I was a bit early and waiting outside for Cooper and Amy to arrive and there was a man selling his art work. While I admired his artwork, he admired my cameras and then started talking to me. I am pretty talkative but this man kept on getting closer and was looking at the cameras asking questions. Then he asked if he could hold one.. I was so nervous, I gave it to him! I held onto the strap for dear life.. So to put this into perspective, my camera cost me about $3,000, the lens was $2,000, and the flash was $600. Finally he gave it back and started talking about the other camera.. Just then a girl walked by and said “Hi Caty!”.. I said, where are you going? She replied, “Up here, are you guys coming?” I immediately jumped to my feet and took off with her. She was my best friend’s sister and she saved us! My job is usually not too nerved wracking but this one got to me.

Cooper and Amy arrived and of course I was not there, they called and we met up and quickly walked out of the area. We went to pretty much every area we could think of in downtown Portsmouth including Prescott Park. 

Once down at Prescott Park, we went out on the docks and into the gorgeous flower gardens. I even found a way to incorporate a water fountain and my off camera lighting (see below, that was a bit technical!). I had to put Landon to work and get his mind off of going to my client’s wedding which he kept begging to do!

We ended the session back where we started. Fortunately, the man selling the art work was gone. It was pitch dark so we quickly ran into one of my favorite places Popovers on the Square and grabbed a slice of Carrot Cake and a fresh lemonade. The perfect way to end a session!

Here are my favorite photos from the session, I love the vibrancy of Portsmouth and it is the perfect location for an Engagement session!

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  • AmySeptember 29, 2017 - 11:12 am

    Caty! We love our pictures!!! I think we want to use some standing doc pictures for our save the date:) but I also want to print so many more. The “whale wall” pictures turned out better than I could have imagined, and yes… most of the ones laughing are from Landon. But also we were laughing at how uncoordinated we are! Thank you. I know our wedding will be fantastic. ReplyCancel